Chantal Blaak

Winning the Tour of Flanders at the end of 2020 was one of Chantal Blaak's most striking victories in her career so far. It was the jewel in the crown of the 2017 Road World Champion's career. Blaak, who was born in the Dutch province of South Holland, is regarded as a flagbearer of the SD Worx team. She is one of the frontrunners and often takes on the role of road captain and, in the process, she also sets the mood in the team. 

Blaak will be riding in the SD Worx team's colours until the spring of 2022 and will then move to the team leader's car. Anna van der Breggen made the same switch right after the 2021 season.

"It's a compliment for me to be seen as one of the guardians of the culture of this team," says the 2017 Road World Champion from the Netherlands. "I've been riding for this team for six years and I feel at completely at home here. I see it as a big opportunity that, after the spring of 2021, I shall be able to continue working with Anna in leading the SD Worx team. In women's cycling, it is not common for cyclists to make this step into coaching after their active career. We know that we need to grow further as a team. The level of competition is constantly going up. I particularly like the direct approach to coaching, training and nutrition. After all, we want to continue to be the number one women's cycling in the world."

Nationality: Dutch

Date of birth: 1989-10-22

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Chantal Blaak

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