Christine Majerus

Christine Majerus

Christine Majerus is a beacon of experience at Team SD Worx. The Luxembourg rider has been the national road and cyclo-cross champion every year since 2010. She has also won fifteen national time trial titles. And she has also been a steady contender in international elite cycling for years. 

'Majerus' seems to be like a synonym for team spirit, because all her teammates put her name forward as the greatest team player at SD Worx. “Christine knows what she is doing and shares her experience with the younger riders,” Niamh Fisher-Black says. “She never puts her own interests first. She likes to help others.” Majerus: “I have no problem sacrificing my own chances for the team, but of course I do appreciate it when I get the chance to ride for my own success from time to time. It was nice to see how happy everyone was when I won the Holland Ladies Tour in 2019.” 

Majerus is the only rider in Team SD Worx to have been with the team for eight years already. “I feel at home here. Each of us is a rider with great individual qualities, but the secret of our team lies in our collective strength. We have a few candidates to win each race. We work together towards that goal and in the end it doesn't matter who wins, as long as it is someone from Team SD Worx. That is why we were so successful last season.

Danny Stam is pleased that Team SD Worx was able to retain the experienced Christine Majerus. “Christine has been an invaluable asset to the team since 2014. She is an excellent team player and a true professional who is always willing to support others. And when she's in a situation where she has a chance of winning, she'll make that happen, too. Her victory at the Holland Ladies Tour in 2019 is a perfect example of this.”

Christine Majerus

Date of birth25/02/1987
Length1.73 m
Weight56 kg
Prof since2007
Favorite courseTour of Britain
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