Van der Breggen wins Durango-Durango

18 May 2018

Anna van der Breggen has won Durango-Durango on Thursday. The Olympic champion stood on the top step of the podium of the UCI1.2 race and was joined by two fellow Dutchwomen, Annemiek van Vleuten (Mitchelton-Scott) in second place and Sabrina Stultiens (Waowdeals) in third place. 

The team was very active throughout the race, with several riders attacking and making the race aggressive. One of them was Anna Plichta, who talks us through today’s race.

“The plan for today was to not let any breakaway with good riders get off the front without anyone of us also in there,” said Plichta. “Anna [van der Breggen] was supposed to attack on the last climb.”

“The race was very hard with a lot of climbs, so there was already a natural selection along the way,” she continued. “We were prepared for attacks to come from the bunch, so we stayed together as a team on the front throughout the first five laps.”

“Ultimately, the other teams didn’t attack as much as we expected them to, which was when we were allowed to try something for ourselves,” said Plichta. “So we all attacked mainly in the second half of the race. Amalie [Dideriksen] and Jip [van den Bos] did so, just like myself.”

“In the end, the break I was in stuck,” said Plichta. “We went off the front after about 90 kilometres, after the second to last climb. We didn’t stay off the front for long though, but I think it put some teams to work and they had to chase us, so it’s always nice to make that move.”

“For me was also my last chance to do something for the team today, because I knew how hard the last climb was. I’m happy that I could help a bit and be a part of this team again."

"I’m also excited to race in the Emakumeen Bira later this week because I never did this race before," Plichta concluded. "We are motivated for the Bira and hope we can achieve some good results there as well.” 

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