Stage 2 Ladies Tour of Norway

24 August 2019

During stage 2 of the Ladies Tour of Norway Amalie Dideriksen finished 11th in a race that was ridden on the edge with lots of crosswinds. The team tried hard to avoid a sprint. Christine Majerus got in a strong breakaway on the local laps which were quite hard. Jip was unlucky with some crashes but recovered quickly to help position Amalie for the sprint. Dideriksen looks back: "Karol-Ann did great and tried to keep me in front to the finishline. We were a bit early and I had to try to surf on the wheels in the end, I got a bit blocked and didn't had the kick to finish on the podium this time. I think we were all on the limit after a hard final. Vos was real strong today to take the win."

Stage 3 of the Ladies Tour starts in Moss and finishes in Halden over 108 kilometer with a uphill finish in the final kilometer.

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