Team SD Worx

Doctors keep Amy Pieters three more days in artificial coma

27 December 2021

The Spanish doctors in the hospital in Alicante have decided, in consultation with several Dutch doctors, to keep Amy Pieters in an artificial coma for at least three more days. The doctors emphasise that extra rest at this stage gives a better chance of recovery. 

Pieters was operated on her head in the hospital of Alicante on Thursday. During this operation the doctors took away the pressure in her head that had been caused by a fall during sprint training. Pieters was near Calpe on a training camp with the Dutch track team.

The doctors will not be able to assess any damage until they have woken Pieters up. At the moment no further announcements can be made about the accident and we ask everyone to respect the privacy of those involved. Everyone at Team SD Worx is extremely upset and our thoughts are with Amy and her family.

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