MTB-champion Annika Langvad joins Boels-Dolmans

3 December 2018

Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team is proud to announce its last rider on the 2019 roster. We are happy to share the news that former MTB world champion across two disciplines, triple Cape Epic winner and former Danish road champion Annika Langvad will be joining Boels-Dolmans in 2019. Both Langvad and the team are extremely excited to partner up next year.

“When I was presented with the chance to do some races with Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team next year, I was really excited,” Langvad said. “I’ve been following the women's road racing scene for quite a while and just love to see all that is happening.”

Langvad will become part of this world for the first time as she joins a road racing team. But although she will take to the start of a number of road races with the team in 2019, Langvad’s main focus will remain mountainbiking.

“For me it’s not so much a question of being defined as a mountainbiker or a road cyclist. I tend to think of myself as a cyclist competing mainly in mountainbiking, but I have had a flirt with the road racing scene before.”

Humble as she is, it was more than a flirt, as Langvad was the Danish individual time trial for three years and the national road champion in 2010. Her last road race in 2018 was the World Road Championship in Innsbruck, Austria, where she partnered with Amalie Dideriksen to support Danish team leader Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig.

“In comparison to mountain biking where I race as an individual - or on a few occasions as a duo - the road is all about team work. That is very appealing to me. It’s a dimension that immediately had me thinking “yes!” when presented with the idea of joining the team.”

What Langvad’s role will be in the road races has yet to be defined. But with no lack of ambition or enthusiasm, Langvad is ready for whatever the team will ask of her.

“My personal ambition with this adventure is to get an understanding for and to contribute to successful team work,” she said. “That is what I look forward to the most. I get genuinely excited when I think about being part of something more than just “me racing". That enthusiasm and process is something I hope to take with me back to the mountainbike races. And of course - if I can contribute to the team winning, it’ll be a big personal bonus for me.”

For cyclists, the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 are a huge focal point. However, Langvad doesn’t want to look too much ahead in the future and isn’t concerned with qualifying or working towards Tokyo 2020 too much.

“There are always a lot of races and events to do and the thing that keeps me going is focusing on a process rather than a goal,” she said. “It may sound like a cliché, but it really is what drives me to get out every day and put in the work. And for 2019, one of the major things for me is getting to be a part of Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team.”

One thing that Langvad and the team have already shared in the last few years is the same bike sponsor, with Specialized offering the best of the best in both road racing and mountainbiking. It will make the transition from her MTB-team Specialized Racing to Boels-Dolmans a smooth one.

“We are in a fortunate position to have the full support of Specialized to be able to share our knowledge and passion for bike racing across multiple disciplines within cycling. Having Anna van der Breggen join us on Specialized Racing for same races this year was really motivating for me. It’s the small things like getting to hear what and how she approaches things was very inspiring.”

“Getting together with the entire team will be very motivating for me. And hopefully with a lot of good experiences.”

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