Majerus on the top step of the podium again

3 December 2017

 One weekend after her win on home turf in Cessange, Christine Majerus once again crossed the line first in a cyclocross race on Sunday. The Luxembourg champion arrived solo at the finish line in the Coupe de France cross in Jablines, France. She was joined on the podium by Lucie Chainel (Cross Team by G4) and Karen Verhestraeten (Donen-Vondelmolen). 

“It’s always nice to win and especially with some good girls at the start,” said Majerus. “I know I don’t have the shape I had the same time last year, but my competitive spirit always wants to fight for the win.”

“It was a nice lap, a bit turning, but very reasonable,” Majerus described the course. “The weather turned out pretty miserable overnight, so what was a fast lap on Saturday became slippery and technical today - I like these conditions.”

“I had a good start, I tried not to go too fast from the start, because in the last few races I paid for my fast starts on the second lap,” Majerus explained. “The goal was to go controlled throughout the race. I got a nice gap in the first lap and I tried to continue in the same pace and to avoid any mistakes.”

The tactics paid off as Majerus built a comfortable lead of fifteen seconds crossing the finish line for the first time. Her advantage grew to a maximum of 30 seconds. She eventually finished 24 seconds ahead of French colleague Chainel, while Verhestraeten arrived at the finish almost a minute behind Majerus. 

In addition to the course that suited her and a successful ride, there was another element which made this cross race extra enjoyable for Majerus. “This race was not far away from my second home in France, so I had a lot of friends cheering, which was quite enjoyable.” 

With team activities taking precedence over cyclocross this week, Majerus will not be racing next weekend. “We have a team camp next week, so I’m not racing next weekend,” Majerus said. “I will return to cyclocross at the Namur World Cup on December 17.” 

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