Christine Majerus and Amalie Dideriksen National Champions

2 July 2018

Christine Majerus (Luxembourg) and Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark) have crowned themselves as national road champion of their country last weekend. Majerus also won the time trial a few days earlier. For Dideriksen it is her third national title on the road, for Majerus her ninth. Majerus also achieved a milestone. Her national title was her thirtieth title in all disciplines, including cyclocross.

on Saturday, June 30, Dideriksen was the fastest of a leading group of nine riders in Nysted after successfully covering all the attacks of Team Virtu and Cervelo Bigla. She is therefore very happy with her third national road title after she already won the jersey in 2014 and 2015.

"I am very happy to have won the national title," thus Dideriksen. "I won the title also in 2014 and 2015, but I am happy that after three years I succeeded again. This title means a lot to me. I even think it was the strongest peloton in years. In the race I had to ride economically and play tactically, because I was alone against the strong teams of Team Virtu and Cervelo Bigla. It was not easy. My tactic was to go in a breakaway in which someone of them was in. In the final I had to close a lot of gaps myself and I was afraid that I had lost too much of my powers. The final was very dangerous with many corners in the last 1.5 kilometers. I wanted to be the first to go through the last corner at 250 meters from the finish and that is what I did. It was a tough final and we were not with many left in front of the race.”

Christine Majerus won respectively her 29th and 30th title in her impressive career in Redange by winning both the time trial (June 29) and the road race (July 1).

“I am very happy that I have been able to keep this beautiful jersey ", says Majerus. "It was a tough race with a lot of climbing. There was little time to recover. I attacked in the penultimate lap and I was able to extend my lead all the way to the finish."

Two days earlier Majerus won her twelfth national title in the time trial. "I am happy that I have been able to defend my time trial title. It was a great time trial, very solid and smooth. The time trial was short but very tough because there was a lot of wind. I am therefore happy that my time trial went according to plan."

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