First day of the year, first win for Majerus

1 January 2018

Christine Majerus is off to a good start in 2018, winning the cross race in Pétange, Luxembourg on January 1. On home turf, the Luxembourg champion repeated her performance of last year, when she also took a victory in Pétange on the first day of the new year. This time around, she had to outsprint Elle Anderson (Milwaukee-Alphahome) to take the top step of the podium.

“Obviously I’m happy to win, but I would have preferred to do so without the drama,” Majerus said.

Besides having to battle for the win until the last metres in the race, there were two aspects that added to the drama in Majerus’ race. First up, the weather conditions were horrible, with cold, pouring rain on a muddy course. But if that wasn’t enough, Majerus suffered a second drama halfway through the race.

“I didn’t have great legs, but by midrace I had 20 to 25 seconds on Elle and I thought of controlling a bit ‘til the end,” Majerus explained. “But then I lost my contact lense.”

“So there was the rain and mud, and I was literally racing blind,” Majerus continued. “The downhill is pretty dangerous already with 100% of eyesight, but with 30% it’s even worse. So I was really slow and had a crash in the last downhill. That’s when Elle came back, but I somehow managed to stay in front.”

Eventually taking the win, Majerus is cautiously looking to tomorrow’s race in Meilen, Switzerland, a cross race that’s part of the EKZ CrossTour.

“As my legs didn’t feel great and it was freezing, I will have to see how my recovery goes for tomorrow,” Majerus concluded. “I have no real goal for tomorrow, I’ll just see how it goes.”

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