Etixx partner of Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team

6 January 2016

The successful women's cycling team of Boels-Dolmans can count on the products of Etixx Sports Nutrition in 2016. The sports nutrition Etixx supplies has been developed and used by world class athletes.

"Our mission is to support optimal athletic performance by developing a complete range of unique, innovative products using superior ingredients,” states Davy de Vlieger, CEO of Etixx Sports Nutrition. “From the very beginning we have been supported by our leading athletic teams in the area of product innovation and in the composition of advice given to our consumers. Even though sports nutrition is basically the same for men and women, female cyclists have additional and specific nutritional needs that we want to address, which is why we are actively present in women's cycling starting in 2016. And when the current world champion approaches us and says she wants to work with our products, then, of course, we embrace that opportunity.”

In partnering with Boels-Dolmans, a collaboration is set up with a women's team that dominated in 2015 with a road world title and three World Cup wins en route to the World Cup overall title. World Champion Lizzie Armitstead is enthusiastic about the partnership that came about through her insistence. Armitstead sets a high bar, both for herself and her environment, and was keen to have Etixx on board.

"When you strive for Olympic and world titles, every aspect of your performance matters,” said Armitstead. “This certainly holds true for sports nutrition, which is why I am delighted to welcome Etixx as a partner in the Boels-Dolmans team. Being able to rely on your sports nutrition and having the experience of a renowned company behind you can really make a difference in our sport. I am looking forward to working with Etixx during the important 2016 cycling season.”

Team manager Danny Stam is also very enthusiastic about the partnership between the Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team and Etixx Sports Nutrition, saying: "As team manager you always strive for the best, in every area. We already have the best cyclists, the best equipment and the best clothing, and with market leader Etixx we now also have the best in sports nutrition. With their full support we hope our cyclists achieve even greater results. With Etixx we will bring the nutritional plan of the team to a higher level."

Etixx partner of Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team

"With Etixx we will bring the nutritional plan of the team to a higher level"

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