Christine Majerus 8th in GC Tour of Norway

25 August 2019


Christine Majerus finished 10th today in the fourth and final stage of the Ladies Tour of Norway. With this result she secured a 8th place in the GC for the Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
55 seconds behind the winner Marianne Vos who won an incredible 3 out of 4 stages.
Majerus looks back at the Tour of Norway: "Today was the longest stage of the whole tour. We knew it from the last years that there was a big chance the scenario would play out a bit the same. Nevertheless Karol, Jip, Eva and Skylar covered breaks or tried to escape themselve but nothing sticked. Going direction final lap everyone help to keep each other in position so that was good work again. The local lap was fast and technical. I hoped maybe a good break could go where it was useful to try and follow but it was only individual riders trying to break away but with the high speed it was clear none of them would stick. I tried to stay in a good position for the sprint but didnt really had the kick to really go for it. Still I am happy to finish the race with good feelings after rather bad races in Sweden, so 8th place is oke. Think we can look back at a good 4 days of racing. We rode comitted to each other which was the most important thing here. Amalies' podium was nice and well deserved. I think it was a helpful race for everyone for the races to come."


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