Amalie Dideriksen third in stage 1 Ladies Tour of Norway

22 August 2019

Amalie Dideriksen finished third today in the openingstage of the Ladies Tour of Norway.

In appalling weather conditions the peloton went underway for the first stage of the 2019 Tour of Norway from Asgardstrand to Horten over 128 km.

Amalie Dideriksen looks back at her race.

"Today it rained from the beginning to the end. It was quite a fast race but we raced well as a team. After 95km we turned left close to the city Nykirke, at that moment Sunweb turned up the pace and tried to split the peloton. Jip, Christine and I made the first group. Shortly after we hit the local laps. On the local laps we all three jumped in attacks and helped each other very well. In the last km there was a crash but we just avoided that. Just after the crash Christine kept me well positioned in the front and from there I was surfing on the wheels of the other teams. In the end Wiebes was the fastest, but I was very close to Hosking. I'm happy to be on the podium. It is a good start of the race for us, and I'm looking forward to the next days with the girls."

Tomorrow the peloton will race from Mysen to Askim over 133 km. The route is hilly with two KOM and two intermediate sprints.

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