Amalie Dideriksen Q&A on Six Day Berlin win

27 January 2017

Road world champion Amalie Dieriksen recorded her first win of the season earlier this week. The 20-year-old showed incredible consistency over 10 track races in three days to edge out Great Britain’s Katie Archibald to the top step of the Six Day Berlin podium.

Q: You did your first Six Day in London late last year and now you did Six Day Berlin. Why were you drawn to racing Six Days this year?

I have raced at some six days before, but not in the same three-day format as I did in London and Berlin this year.

Since I don’t do any World Cups this winter, I thought it could be fun to do some other track races. It is always fun to race with a big audience and some strong opponents. Also it’s a good change from the winter road training – and a good sprint training as well. 

Q: What about a Six Day is similar to racing the omnium or racing on the road?

Omnium: The “old” omnium was six disciplines over two days, and here in Berlin we raced ten times during three days. Some of the disciplines are the same, but some are different. For example we raced the derny here but in World Cups, we don’t.

Road: You need endurance to keep your level high during all the races. 

Q: What were your best Six Day Berlin moments - on or off the bike?

It was nice to win the overall competition, but at the same time it was nice to be able to talk to the other riders in the breaks. The atmosphere is more relaxed than at World Cup races etc. Also we stay together in the same hotel, and actually I shared room with Katie Archibald. It’s a nice way to get know new people and make new friends.  

Q: What were the most important moments on each of the three days that put you in the top step of the podium in Berlin?

It was a really close race right until the end, especially against Katie Archibald. I think the important thing was that my level was consistent and I didn’t fall through in any of the races.

Q: How do you cope with the crazy Six Day hours? You were up until at least 3am the last night.

It is a bit weird when your first race of the night is at 19.00. And since its only three days, your sleeping rhythm don’t really adapt before the race is over, but with a nap in the middle of the day and with the right mind set it is fine.

Q: What does this win tell you about your form heading into your first road race next month?

I am happy with my form. I still have some things I need to improve before the season, but I have one month more before my first race.

Q: First win of 2017 - and now what's next? 

Now I’m in school for a couple of weeks before heading to another training camp with the team in Spain.

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